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you won't find media sharing icons on this site – I don't want to be followed.  I don't want my face to be booked on dozens of sites belonging to who knows who… and I really don't want to be liked
I don't tweet…  I don't "get" it… maybe it's my age, but I really suspect it more to be a matter of intelligence (he says modestly) or at least common sense – not wanting to spend hour after hour of my precious time each day, following the ramblings of a multitude of fools who feel their every waking thought, feeling or bowel movement is somehow worth sharing with the universe!
and don't be jumping up and down with your hand in the air like some poor home-schooled pre-teen ready to shout "hypocrite – hypocrite".  I'm writing this for myself…  if you have anything and I do mean anything that's more important in your life to be occupied with at the moment – then please – go do it!  Don't waste your time reading my self-indulgent sludge (damn – I'm starting to sound like Chuck Lorre's Vanity cards – you know that blurb at the end of The Big Bang Theory that you need to be watching on a platform that you can pause to read the half-second display, where he… oh crap – now the Google bots will be cross-referencing my silliness with his name and my bloody ranking will start to rise – and we definitely DON'T want that).
Anyway, my intention is simply to document my own experiences with prostate cancer – rather than posting pictures of my moustache which is only there to cover my lip and has been since the day I was born… (the moustache, not the lip – I have no idea when the lip grew in – I've never seen it!).  I don't wish to disparage the concept of Movember (hell, I picked up this domain – by random chance – when the folks who originally had it – let it lapse for some strange reason and now have to piggyback on the .com site as a "ca." sub), but I do think the pomp and pageantry surrounding the "Mo" revolution has become the "cause célèbre" almost totally obliterating the original purpose to raise awareness of prostate cancer.
I just figured the site deserved something more meaningful than the "comical" home page I put up when I first registered it… considering the tens of thousands of hits the page takes every day in November each year!  And no… there will never be affiliate links of any kind on the site to try and take advantage of it's momentary popularity.
So – stay tuned…  no promises, but if I can find the time and make the effort and don't run out of material before the 30 days are up – I'll try to throw something up here each day this month (recognizing I'm starting 2 days behind… but, I'll make it up).
not sure yet whether I'll allow comments – but if I do, you can be sure they'll be moderated before being sanctioned, which unfortunately can't be said for my own posts  😉