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at first glance, it may not seem germane… but look it up – throw "synonym" and "pasteurization" into your favorite search engine and check it out!  You'll find words/phrases like "made sterile", "neutered", "desexualized", "spayed"… and they're all appropriate!
as stated yesterday, they do call it "chemical castration" for a reason.  what I don't understand, is why they would spend over $5000 a year to keep a convicted repeat child molester "sedated", when they could chop his balls off for a matter of pennies and it would be permanent!   I sure don't want my tax dollars going to pay for the "chemical" option when a permanent and so much cheaper option is available.
anyway, leaving the political debate for now, let's get back to the efficacy of this option for prostate cancer patients.  There are basically two streams of philosophy on this treatment and now that there are studies showing no difference in longevity – I see no reason why the one is even considered any longer.  The two options are – permanent and intermittent use of anti-androgen therapy.  In the first – once you start on it – you stay on it until it no longer controls your cancer (ie. your PSA starts to steadily rise again).  The second option – the one recommended by my oncologist and accepted by yours truly, involves only 3 injections, 3 months apart and then we stop until the PSA once again reaches a predetermined level – in my case 3.00
is it effective – damn right! – in every respect…
on the day of my 2nd injection (3 months after my first injection) – my PSA had already dropped from 3.08 to 0.06 – and 3 months later on the day of my 3rd injection it had hit the "undetectable" mark of < 0.02 – where it remained for at least another 6 months – even though that 3rd injection was the last of the series.   So… in terms of knocking the crap out of my prostate cancer, by reducing my testosterone levels to almost zero – these injections did the trick.
Unfortunately they also do a lot of other really nasty things.  And, while I personally, couldn't care at all that they do these things to the folk receiving the injections as a preventative measure for repeat child-abuse offences… it is  certainly too bad that they also have the same effect on those receiving them to control their prostate cancer.
I'll just mention a few of the "unimportant" ones – like fatigue (sometimes extreme), hair loss, tender and/or enlarged breasts, weight gain, hot flashes, bone thinning and loss of muscle mass, memory loss and failing ability to concentrate. Not all of these will necessarily effect everyone undergoing anti-androgen therapy to the same degree, but all are traceable side-effects of the loss of testosterone.
Of course, the one missing from the list above is the only really "important" one and that – as this post was titled – is complete and absolute neutering!  You are a eunuch… and anyone who tells you different isn't getting the testosterone wiping result from the injections that they should be.  I don't know how else to convey some semblance of how absolutely crippling this is without using a lame example, that won't do it any justice… but…
(I'm strictly speaking to straight, red-blooded males here)
Imagine an unending parade of women of whatever flavour that normally "floats your boat" passing your front window totally unfettered by any clothing whatsoever and imagine the only thoughts crossing your mind being that they are blocking traffic and trampling your garden as they march by.  That's it!  Nothing else!  Not even the slightest recognition that it SHOULD cause some other sort of reaction – I mean NO typically "male" response whatsoever.
That's how it is… beginning within a month or two of your first injection and not ending until anywhere from six to twelve months following your last injection.  They'll tell you, each injection is only effective for 3-4 months, but after just a series of three, I bet you'll be very fortunate to even begin to feel anything again until at least 6 months following your last shot.
Remember the injectable drug cocktail that could work magic following the radical prostatectomy – well… it didn't do ANYTHING while on the anti-androgen therapy.  You truly become a eunuch in every sense of the word!
My only advice – to those men whose wives aren't as understanding as mine – is buy some toys and learn to fake as great an interest in frequent intimacy as your wives always have surprise