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so, since my first round of anti-androgen therapy (ending with my 3rd injection at the end of October, 2012), we've been back in that "watchful waiting" state, simply monitoring my PSA every 3 months with a view to start another round once I hit/exceed that magic number of 3.00
It's been more than 2 ½ years since I started that first round, and my PSA stayed non-existent or very low for the first year.  It first broke above 1.00 in February of this year (2014), and after staying fairly stable for the next 6 months, the test I had just two weeks ago, showed a jump from 1.12 to 2.78! 
I talked my oncologist into waiting for my next test result (which will be in early February, 2015), before we decide to start another round of hormone therapy – because I don't want to be on it over the holiday season this year.  However, given the jump, I can be almost positive that my next result in February will be well over the target of 3.00 – in fact given the last increase, it may be close to 6.00, which would be my highest ever! 
Therefore, I can look forward to starting another 12 to 15 months of "pasteurization" in February and then again another year or so after that, until we reach the point where testosterone deprivation no longer can keep the cancer in check. 
Where we go from there – I don't know…  there are new ideas and new treatment modalities constantly being trialed.  There may be some form of chemo in my future – although, that is something I dread and will try to avoid at all costs, as long as there are other alternatives.  Once the cancer metastasizes to the bone, which is common in prostate cancer, then there may be more extensively targeted radiation in my future – yea… some new tattoos!!
But for now… I'll try to limit my view to the next 2 months, without treatment and without lingering side-effects – and just enjoy the holiday season with my family which includes 3 birthdays, Christmas and New Years – and I'll try as best I can to ignore the 'merkin thanksgiving nonsense (except for the continuing Black Friday sales online) – what historically-challenged lunatic came up with holding Thanksgiving at the end of November?  Oh… Wikipedia seems to think that lunatic was old Abe… so, maybe I'll just withdraw that remark, so as not to offend all those in my family, living south of the border cheeky